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Keeper of My Mothers' Dreams

Keeper of My Mothers’ Dreams was an exhibit (Nov. 2017 - Jan. 2018), which expanded the dialogues began in the pieces Her Name is Laura Nelson and Be/Coming with newly commissioned pieces: Poems, Origins and Sister Song.

Grounded within the main gallery were Her Name is Laura Nelson with Be/Coming and Origins, the newly commissioned piece Origins, is a bronze casting of the pelvic bone of an unknown African American woman. In this space were also the  poems Be/Coming, Laura Nelson Speaks, Origin, and Birth Song were written specifically for the ongoing collaboration with Crowe Storm. The remaining poems, The Answer to Your Question and Supplication, are earlier works that call attention to the historical erasure and disappearance of young Black girls and women. Supplication is also a prayer to the Yoruba deity Osun that combines elements of oriki for Osun (praise names) with a plea for guidance to find, in this case, Tionda and Diamond Bradley who were reported disappeared/missing on July 6, 2001.


The writings and libation bowl add new layers to the experiences of remembering words and performances that examine how the abuse, loss, and commodification of one’s womanhood and humanity can be transformed through processes that lead to healing and the rebirthing and re/making of identity.


The installation room became a sanctuary for the piece Sister Song, grounded within the context of community co-creation efforts, the bronze womb shapes were given to selected artists to complete their transformation. At the center of this space was a community altar, which allowed individuals to leave behind offerings, words, prayers, etc.


Each piece exhibited in Keeper of My Mothers’ Dreams was developed with the hands of many. 

Click here for a fuller examination of the exhibition in the The Lynch Quilts Project: Spring 2018 Newsletter. 

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