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Sister Song

redLINES  is a 1.5 x 426 ft and 3 inch quilt, which explores the history of racial segregation as it manifested in housing and loan policies. Literally, entire neighborhoods had a red line drawn around them as ineligible to receive home loans and other forms of investment. Click here to learn more about this practice and the modern day ramifications. debut during the Seitu Jones collaborative experience with Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields event "At the Crossroads: A Community Meal, " which explored issues around food insecurity and food deserts in Indianapolis, IN. redLINES explores the impact and role that racial economic injustice and practices such as redlining are the foundational underpinnings of food insecurity.

Click here for a fuller discussion of the event and quilt in the Fall 2019 edition of The Lynch Quilts Project newsletter . 

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