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Garden Days

The garden is an important aspect of my creative journey. To get a true understanding of how art, seeds, growning things all come together, checkout the article, "Root Workin' in the Asphalt Jungle."

FB Veggies.jpg
Sweet Potato Flower
Bread and salad
Pizza and pickles
Veggie pizza
Squash flower
Canned Food
Fall Creek Gardens
Art Farm
Squash bread
Wheat Field
Art and Wheat
Wheat Harvest
American Gothic Art Farm Style
Black Jack and Onion
Green Beans
Harvest Days
Monster Zuke!
Mural with Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes Galore!
Preparing to Can
Canned Goods
Canned Goods
Art Farm Tours
Dehydrated tomatoes
Chicken Wrangler
Mango Tree
Moon and Star Melon
Chicks and hens
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